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LISELocker 2.0

LISELocker 2.0

LISELocker Publisher's Description

O LISELocker é um sistema de proteção de informações baseado em técnicas avançadas de criptografia e encobrimento

LISELocker is a cheap security tool based on advanced encryption techniques.

Among its many features, we can point out:

ü       standard WINDOWS SETUP procedure;

ü       ability to select sets of files, protecting them simultaneously ? you save working time;

ü       protected information is compressed prior to being encoded, through the ZLIB standard library routines ? you save space besides acquiring protection;

ü       ability to choose between two encryption techniques ? RIJNDAEL (AES/ 256 bits), a worldwide standard, and our LISE superstrong algorithm (32,000 bits key) ? you have the choice between an exceptionally good international standard and our superforce;

ü       your key phrase is never stored anywhere ? you?re always safe ? but LISELocker builds a MD5 digest that prevents you from losing your precious information by mistake, trying to decode it using the wrong key;

ü       you can choose a clue to your key phrase, and this clue is presented to you upon decryption ? you won?t forget you key phrases;

ü       once the information has been protected, it?s completely destroyed ? even using NORTON utilities, one won?t be able to restore the original files without your permission;

ü       LISELocker can be coupled to WINDOWS EXPLORER, through the SentTO list or file type association ? the program has full support for this if you choose to use these WINDOWS features;

ü       Multilingual interface, that naturally adapts to your language.

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